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Testimonials "I just got back from my travels were I got the opportunity of witnessing art and musical programmes in Broadway .The point I am making is - AROHA is class and the talent is exceptional. Keep up the good work Pauline.”- Shereen Shah, Bombay

“Thanks for this video. Never mind the quality - it was delightful and nostalgic for me!”- Pritha Ray.

Aurelia Syngkon (Post-doctoral researcher, University of Michigan), says about Aroha “What I like about Aroha is how everyone is a soloist having their own style and yet blend in complete harmony together. Good job Aroha, keep it up”

“It was a soulful rendition that moved me…especially by a non-Assamese choir…it was a brilliant blend of culture and class… the composer would have been proud!”- Jit Chaliha, music lover and business entrepreneur on their rendition of Jyoti Prasad Agarwal’s “Luitore Pani ”

“I do not understand music, but I do enjoy it, and that day, I enjoyed it with abandon, when Pauline and her handsome team of youngsters enthralled us by their passionate performance. Clearly she belongs to the club of the most distinguishedand the most gifted. She performed with precision and aplomb. It was both entertaining and elevating. I was truly spellbound”- N. Ramachandran DGP Meghalaya

“This is very classy music…”- Ms E.Pariat Deputy Director Tourism

“Why does the mountain burn in spring
The violet sun is dying, and the wing of the eagle
takes a last turn
to bring the heavy curtains of the night down
Oh Why? Why?Why?
Do you gaze at the sky
The sun is cold now in its smouldering fire
Why do you search in the ashes for aroha
That could take you higher?”-Toony Gill (Head of Department Engish,Saint Mary’s College)

Mr. Prestone Tynsong Minister of Forrest expressed his delight “Words cannot express the joy you have brought tonight. I amazed at the talent of these young people”


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